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Guest Artists

The Christine Grenier Art Gallery presents contemporary textile art by herself and by guest artists. These artists demonstrate talent and know-how that surprise at first glance by the materials and the meticulousness of the work. Then the themes and the enchanting colors charm those who contemplate and let themselves be carried away by the emotions that the artworks arouse as well as by the stories that each piece tells or inspires.

Currently in gallery

Ginette Coutu textile artist

Ginette Coutu


“Nature does things without hurrying, and nevertheless everything is accomplished.”

Lao Tseu


Taking the time to do things, despite the passing of time…

Executing one by one the gestures that will lead to the final result despite the constant threat that time will stop one day or another…

To capture time, to feel it slipping through one’s fingers, slowly…

Creating to stop time, for a moment, giving us the illusion of controlling it a little…

As the seasons go by, time passes and we are the happy witnesses of it.

All my work is part of this movement, slow and precise, regardless of the constant whirlwind that surrounds us.

To take the time it needs, to come back on our steps, to start again, to continue, slowly, like a pendulum that never stops…

Art has something to do with the pursuit of calm in the midst of chaos. The use of noble materials such as silk, linen, hemp, and cotton, which have been used for thousands of years, helps me to stay grounded in the here and now.