What I can do for you

You have a project of remodeling, new addition, new construction or home decoration, I can assist and guide you before the start of construction and throughout it.
I take the time to listen to your needs and analyze with you how to fill them that will best fit your situation.
Each project is unique and my approach adapts to the collaboration and support you want.


Interior design

So, I can provide you:

  • floor plans, space planning, furniture plans, technical plans, and 3D drawings;
  • specifications;
  • estimates.

Depending on what you want to do yourself or leave it to a professional, I can do for you:

  • the search for materials, lighting and plumbing fixtures, furniture and decorative accessories;
  • the arrangement of objects and furniture;
  • the making of textile elements: window coverings, bedding, and cushions;
  • color proposals for indoors and outdoors;
  • home consultations for the reorganization of your spaces (relooking) and the home staging of your property;
  • project management.

What you benefit

By hiring me, you benefit from several advantages, including:

  • work closely with an experienced professional;
  • have listening and analysis of your needs first and foremost;
  • have the assurance that the project meets your needs, your personality and your budget;
  • have an overview of your project before it is completed;
  • have a guide in taking multiple decisions;
  • save time in your research;
  • take advantage of my knowledge and expertise in the field and contacts with suppliers;
  • enjoy a job that cares about the small details that make the difference;
  • avoid making costly mistakes;
  • take advantage of my creativity to make your project unique and personalized;
  • take advantage of my ability to create and make artistic elements for you.