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Sur le Chemin des Artisans

After spending most of the time creating in the workshop, comes the time to share with people the fruit of this work. Sur le Chemin…
Filet de soccer Fanfini BMO dans le parc St-Donat. Filet fait à partir des anciens maillots des fans de l'Impact.

The meshes of the net

"After the astonishment, came the questions: why, how, when and then curiosity had just set in motion the small engine of finding solutions."In my work…
Bas d'elfe Varda

Elf stockings

This idea came to me a few years ago when I wanted to create a Christmas stocking for my niece. I made her a curly…
Textile art piece Curious Nature. Four sheep in a meadow are coming. The outline is made of traditional quilt blocks. Some hexagons pink, lilac, and purple shape a grove in the lower-left corner.

A stroll at L’Isle-Verte

Some years ago, I had the pleasure of spending a holiday on L’Isle-Verte. The memory of this short visit stayed with me. It started when…
Pièce d'art textile Savais-tu? par Christine Grenier. Scène d'une forêt enchantée avec des arbres, des fleurs et deux oiseaux. Fantaisie, couleur et texture.
Scene of life