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Elf stockings

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Why Christmas stockings?

This idea came to me a few years ago when I wanted to create a Christmas stocking for my niece. I made her a curly toe stocking with different Christmas prints cotton. It was very pretty and it made me think: “What if the traditional Christmas stocking became a beautiful decorative object?” People love to decorate for the holiday season and look for beautiful items for their home. The elf stocking with its whimsical and fairy look lends itself to this idea.


I wanted to create a very elegant, festive and sustainable decorative object that can be used every year. So, I’ve redone down with more textured and finest fabrics that fit the sumptuous holiday’s decorations, jacquard, satin and velvet. I added the decorative elements that I found in my workshop: lace, trimmings, braids, and beads. I tweaked the patterns and varied models, added some embroideries. My first elf stockings were born, made entirely of recycling. I gave them each a name according to their style.

Unique textile art piece

The large elf stockings have been added to this collection. Always made from recycling, the small and large elf stockings, made one by one, are unique pieces of textile art that I draw and create from an idea or inspiration from the fabrics. They each have a name that corresponds to their personality and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Limited edition

To meet a growing and diversified demand, I created stockings in limited edition. These are small series that I make from recycled and new fabrics. Although these elf stockings are made in series, they retain the same characteristics as the unique pieces: 

  • quality materials, 
  • a neat confection, 
  • both sides are the same, 
  • the interior is lined, 
  • they have a name. 

Custom order

Several elf stockings are born as a result of a custom order from a client. I created these stockings according to customers’ requests to match the style and colors they wanted for their decor or for the people they wished to pamper.

Collection object

My Christmas stockings are now everywhere in the world. Many buyers are collectors. They already have several Christmas stockings and when they buy one of my pieces, I feel privileged that one of my elf stockings has caught their attention and that they add it to their collection.


Other people buy them for their family, a stocking for each child. At the birth of a newborn, they order a stocking made especially for the baby boy or girl. These children have the pleasure of having a decoration just for them and that they will see each year by growing up. Memories are built from childhood and we all remember the beautiful Christmas decorations we admired at our grandparents’ homes.  

The durability of my elven stockings allows families to pass on them as a keepsake in their family heirloom. 

Opportunities and gifts

Fantasy has its place throughout the year. Some models of elf stockings can decorate throughout the year or for a particular season. We decorated them with accessories, flowers, branches or feathers and this is a beautiful decorative accent that stands out.

For a winter decor, consider hanging Frimas, Meteor or Moon Elf. For a summer decor, Adelaïde, Tinkerbell or Snowdrop suggest the seasonal freshness.

I offered the small elf stocking Feeria, inspired by a ballerina, as a birth gift to the parents of a little girl. They really enjoyed receiving this unusual gift and they use it as decoration in the young Alice’s bedroom. It’s also her first Christmas stocking.

Gift seeking often causes headaches. We do not always have an idea to know what to offer as presents to someone who has everything or to go out of the banality. Whether it’s a Christmas present, a birthday present, a birth gift, a wedding gift, a housewarming gift, an elf stocking is easy to offer and carries your wishes magnificently. You can slip in a gift certificate, small treasures or just a thought. It only takes a bit of imagination to use the fancy sock in many ways.

Here are some gift ideas my clients had:

  • A man offered his wife a large elf stocking as Christmas gift. The following year, the couple got another stocking for their little girl and later, not finding what they were looking for in my collection, they ordered me a stocking for the new baby that was added to the family.
  • Another client offered his fiancee when they moved together, a unique piece he ordered me.
  • Children got together to offer a collection stocking to their mother, a Christmas lover.
  • A businesswoman has chosen a limited edition large elf stocking to offer to her assistant for Christmas.
  • Several people choose from limited edition small stockings for their holiday gift exchange. Depending on the amount of the exchange, they completed with little treats that they slipped inside.
  • A woman decided to offer the small elf stocking and the trio of Sweethearts Adelaide as a birthday gift to her stepmother. A beautiful set that represented the family of this woman.

Whatever the occasion, the gift will be appreciated by the person who receives it. Do not hesitate to ask for a custom order to have exactly what will suit the person you want to pamper. And if it was you this person?

Add fantasy and beauty to your life,
it feels good.