Terms and conditions

1. Definitions

1.1 christinegrenier.com website is owned and operated by Christine Grenier.

1.2 The company Christine Grenier is located in Saint-Jean-de-Brebeuf, Quebec, Canada.

1.3 The client: individual or organization, physical or legal, who buys and orders products from christinegrenier.com

1.4 Documents and evidence: All orders are printed according to the information sent by the user. The billing information and shipping will appear in the order summary and confirmation email and on the invoice after you place an order.

2. Application

2.1 These terms and conditions apply to the implementation, content, and respect of all contracts between the customer and Christine Grenier, also called the two parties.

2.2 Christine Grenier expressly excludes delivery conditions requested by the customer, unless it would have been otherwise agreed in writing.

2.3 All other terms and conditions remain valid, with agreement on any supplements or modifications.

2.4 The customer accepts these terms and conditions when placing an order and read their contents, subject to Christine Grenier has correctly informed the client.

3. Contracts and offers

3.1 All offers are in Canadian dollars, or in the currency chosen by the customer on the website. All other costs such as packaging, shipping, taxes payable in Canada and Quebec, are added to the order by the delivery address of the customer unless it is explicitly agreed otherwise.

3.2 Offers made by Christine Grenier have no obligation unless it is explicitly agreed otherwise.

3.3 The contract comes into effect when the customer orders one or more products using the shopping cart on the website and received confirmation of the order, either electronically or in writing.

3.4 The offers do not automatically apply to other commands and/or future orders.

4. Quality of products

4.1 The products are made with care in a smoke-free and pet.

4.2 Product images reflect the best products but may differ in color with reality due to the configuration screens.

4.3 The dimensions given in the descriptions are approximate and may vary slightly from one item to another.

4.4 The images of the products that are unique pieces are the images of the products offered for sale and delivered.

4.5 Images of serial products are images of one of the products in this series and the product sold may differ from the image in terms of fabric prints and the location of the printed motif on the product.

4.6 The images of the products on custom orders are a representation of the ordered finished product and the product sold may differ from the image as to the fabric prints and the location of the prints on the product. Product sold on custom order may vary depending on the explicit request of the customer when ordering the product. Christine Grenier is not responsible for the difference of the product with the image shown.

4.7 Christine Grenier guarantee product quality for the purpose for which it is manufactured. Some products are fragile and should be used only as decorative elements.

4.8 Christine Grenier uses quality materials for the design and manufacture of her products but is not responsible for the fading of colors and fabrics or fabrics shrinkage.

4.9 The cleaning of the products is the customer’s responsibility.

4.10 Christine Grenier is not responsible for damage of any kind as a result of misuse or abuse of the product after delivery.

5. Packaging

5.1 All products are carefully packed to avoid being damaged in transit.

5.2 The packaging can be made with recycled materials.

5.3 A gift wrap can be requested by the customer and the charges will be added to the order.

5.4 The degradation of the packaging and gift wrapping is not considered to be damage to the product and Christine Grenier is not liable for damage to the packaging during transport.

6. Payment

6.1 Prices displayed are in Canadian dollars or in the currency chosen by the client on the website.

6.2 Payments are accepted in Canadian dollars or in the currencies accepted on the website.

6.3 Taxes applicable to purchases delivered in Quebec and Canada are added to the order. GST No. 144356557RT0001, No QST 1011396280

6.4 Payments are made through Stripe and Paypal. Stripe and Paypal accept most credit cards and payments to a bank account.

6.5 Full payment is required prior to processing the order.

6.6 The purchased products are delivered according to the indications on the order only after Christine Grenier has received the confirmation of the payment of the customer by Stripe or by Paypal.

6.7 Purchase orders not paid by Stripe or Paypal within 3 business days will be canceled.

6.8 The christinegrenier.com website is secure and all information provided by customers is confidential.

7. Shipping

7.1 The client provides a name and delivery address accurate and complete.

7.2 PO Boxes are not accepted.

7.3 According to the delivery address, one or more delivery options are offered and the customer chooses the means and the delivery time that suits him.

7.4 Delivery charges are calculated based on the weight and volume of the package, the delivery address and the service chosen by the customer.

7.5 Christine Grenier agrees to send the package with the delivery service chosen by the customer.

7.6 Delivery charges include packing, handling and shipping costs.

7.7 To reduce shipping costs, the customer can consolidate their purchases together and request a single delivery price. You must contact us before placing your order or as soon as possible after.

7.8 Excess delivery charges will be refunded.

7.9 The times indicated are indicative and Christine Grenier is not responsible for delivery times.

7.10 For deliveries without tracking number, Christine Grenier cannot provide information on the transport and delivery of a package once it is in the hands of Canada Post or any other carrier.

7.11 A tracking number is provided to the customer when he chooses a delivery service with tracking.

7.12 Christine Grenier is not responsible for lost parcels during shipping or unusual delays.

7.13 Christine Grenier is not responsible for customs fees or customs deadlines.

7.14 If a specific delivery date has been agreed, the changes made by the customer to the order after a date has been awarded will void the original delivery date.

7.15 The responsibility or the risk of damaging the products supplied by Christine Grenier is transferred to the customer at the moment when the latter, or a third party designated by the customer, receives the product.

7.16 Christine Grenier is not responsible for damage caused in the event of non-delivery or theft of the package due to the customer’s absence, or the delay in delivery of the product by reference to the agreed delivery conditions.

7.17 Estimated delivery times

    • Canada: 2-5 business days
    • North America: 4-10 business days
    • Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania: 4-12 weeks
    • Latin America and the Caribbean, Pacific Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa: 6-12 weeks
8. The processing time of the order

8.1 The time required to process an order varies depending on whether the products are in stock or on order. For products in stock, the time to delivery can vary from 1 to 2 business days. If this period is longer, a notice will be sent to the customer. The deadline for ordering non-manufactured products will be given during communications with the customer prior to purchase.

9. Returns

9.1 Products may be returned, exchanged or refunded.

9.2 Time to request a return, exchange or refund: 14 days after delivery.

9.3 Time to return the goods: 30 days after delivery.

9.4 Cancellation must be requested within 2 hours after purchase or by contacting to check the status of the order.

9.5 The following items cannot be returned or exchanged:

    • Custom or personalized orders
    • Digital Downloads
    • Promotional items

9.6 The cost of return is the responsibility of the buyer, except in case of error in the order.

9.7 Products damaged by the customer’s negligence, lost or washed will not be exchanged or refunded. We reserve the right to refuse a returned product that does not meet our criteria.

9.8 Christine Grenier’s liability is limited to the amount of the billed product.

10. Force Majeure

10.1 In the event that Christine Grenier cannot deliver the goods ordered due to force majeure, the company will notify the client by email as soon as possible and will refund the customer.

10.2 In case of delay exceeding 30 working days, the customer has the right to terminate the contract by registered letter, and Christine Grenier is not obliged to compensate or refund the customer.

10.3 In case of extreme force majeure and in consultation with the client, Christine Grenier may terminate the contract between the two parties, and/or suspend delivery until the force majeure problem ceases.

10.4 Christine Grenier’s inability to fulfill the contract is not attributable to her if his liability cannot be proved by law, the contract or the generally accepted commercial practices.

10.5 Cases of force majeure are situations in which the company cannot place orders for reasons of temporary or permanent closure due to a circumstance that forces it to cease operations for a certain period of time.

10.6 The circumstances are not assignable to Christine Grenier and do not entitle the client to request the dissolution of the contract, its refunding or compensation.