Elf stocking Eldarion (Sold)


Large elf stocking, unique piece.

  • Height: 35 inches / 89 cm
  • Width: 15 inches / 39 cm
  • Opening of the leg: 8 inches / 20 cm
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Large elf stocking, green, red, and gold.

The elf stocking Eldarion inspires the spirit of a magical world. This holiday decoration is distinguished by its design and the high quality of the materials used. It is a unique collector’s item that is hung alone or decorated with flowers, feathers, or other accessories depending on the decor or the season.

Chic and elegant, this Christmas stocking will enhance the holiday decor year after year and will be part of your family traditions creating wonderful memories. Used as a decorative object throughout the year, Eldarion will bring a magical atmosphere to your decor.

The choice of fabrics and ornaments and the unique design of Eldarion gives it all its originality and richness. A long, elegant Chartreuse green satin leg is topped with a serrated collar lined with gold satin and adorned with a row of black pearls and a silk flower, emu feathers, and ribbons.

The beautifully curved and well-padded foot is made of rich colored damask, embellished with golden cabochons, and ends with a large openwork gold bead on the tip.

The silk flower is handmade by myself. I bring great care to the laying of each of the decorative elements. The interior is fully lined. In addition, Eldarion is decorated on both sides, allowing it to hang from one side to the other as well as to a place where you can see both sides. 

Details to know:

  • Unique piece
  • Handmade in Canada
  • Signature inside
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Materials: satin, jacquard, silk, ribbon, fiber, emu feathers, cabochons, beads
  • Filling: 100% polyester
  • Height: 35 inches / 89 cm
  • Width: 15 inches / 39 cm
  • Opening of the leg: 8 inches / 20 cm
  • Decorative accessories are not included.

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