Textile Art Spoken words, silent words


Textile art, unique piece.

  • Height: 30 inches / 76 cm
  • Width: 12 inches / 30 cm
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Textile art piece, people.

Spoken words, words to speak, silent words, unspoken words. Communication is fragile and dependent on all these ways to make others understand, to inform them, to lie to them, to talk half-heartedly, to keep quiet, to hide, to keep a secret. This piece is made with transparent fabrics that overlap and change color as they cross each other. An analogy with words that change interpretation depending on the tone, mood, context.

Details to know:

  • Unique piece
  • Handmade in Canada
  • Signature on the back
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Rod pocket
  • Techniques: appliqué, machine quilting.
  • Front: 100% polyester
  • Height: 30 inches / 76 cm
  • Width: 12 inches / 30 cm

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