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Happiness as a lifestyle

More than a slogan, a philosophy of life.

Sunset over the river with the slogan Happiness as a lifestyle

“Happiness as a lifestyle” is my slogan but it’s more than a slogan, it’s my philosophy of life.

Choosing happiness in my life means making choices at all times. It means choosing what makes me happy, what makes me feel good. It means asking myself questions: does it make me happier? Do I need to see or hear this? Does doing this thing give me pleasure? And if I have to do it, how can I add pleasure to it?

It’s about being aware of what’s important to me and leaving the small stuff behind. It is going to the essential and the essential brings me to my authenticity and my values.

Choosing happiness is deciding to be in a good mood every day. It’s deciding to take the best course of action even in the face of adversity.

It is choosing my environment, it is surrounding myself with beauty and good people. It is choosing and respecting myself, even honoring myself as a human, as a woman, as an artist.

Choosing happiness is spreading joy around me, it is giving pleasure, it is listening and understanding, it is sharing.

I chose this slogan several years ago because it represents what emerges from my creations: joy, happy moments, and the simplicity of life while celebrating beauty.

It expresses the spirit of my creation.

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